Fire Suppression

Our Fire Suppression personnel currently consists of 3 Battalion Chiefs and 51 Firefighters (including Firefighters, Engineers, and Captains).

Our department schedule is made up of three shifts with our firefighters working 24 hours on and 48 hours off. Williamson County EMS has 2 ambulances housed in the City of Spring Hill, one at Station 2 and one at Station 3. While we work hand-in-hand with Williamson County EMS, they are a completely separate entity from Spring Hill Fire Department.

Shift A
Shift B
Shift C
2022 Wesley Hickman Headshot
Battalion Chief Wesley HIckman

Battalion Chief Charles Estes

Battalion Chief Brian Garza

Our Firefighters are housed at our three stations throughout the City of Spring Hill.

Station 1
440 Beechcroft Road
Station 2
4274 Port Royal Road
Station 3
4000 Campbell Station Pkwy
Fire Station 1Fire Station 2aStation 3_thumb.jpg