Arbor Valley Water Tank

A partnership with a local developer led to the construction of a new water storage tank in the Arbor Valley neighborhood.

The 1.5 million gallon Arbor Valley Water Storage Tank was built through a joint-development agreement with Goodall Homes. With a price tag of just over $1.6 million, the City of Spring Hill was responsible for 60% of the costs while Goodall Homes contributed the remaining 40%.

The project was approved by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BOMA) at the November 1, 2021, meeting.

Construction began in late Spring 2023.


May 2023

The concrete foundation was poured and set, allowing crews to begin construction of the tank.

July 2023

Construction is underway on the storage tank. The Arbor Valley Water Tank's construction is unique as crews begin by constructing the top of the tank before slowly raising it and completing the external walls. 

Drone video from above the project shows the progress after a few weeks of construction.

August 2023

Construction is finished on the Arbor Valley Water Tank.

Time-lapse video, courtesy of Southeastern Tank, Inc., shows the construction of the tank from start to finish.

The Arbor Valley Water Tank project has been completed.