Parks & Greenways Development

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Parks & Recreation Facility Growth Plans

The Parks and Recreation Department is diligently working with the Parks and Recreation Commission and the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to continue the growth of our parks and recreation facilities.

To be part of this process and help shape the future of our park facilities, please get involved with the Parks and Recreation Commission and our monthly meetings.

Parks & Greenways Master Plan

Our Parks and Greenways Master Plan gives in great detail what facilities we need based on National Parks and Recreation standards as well as surveys completed by residents. This plan pinpoints specific recreational facilities that are needed and where in the City they would best serve the population.

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Bicycle and Greenway Plan

The Spring Hill Bicycle and Greenway Plan was approved by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen in 2015 and updated in 2018. A City’s transportation network is more than roadways, turn-lanes, and traffic signals meant solely for automobile use. Similarly, a City’s park system is more than ballfields and playgrounds. A mature and growing community must plan and budget for a wider array of transportation modes and parkland requirements to encompass the needs of a broader community. The Bicycle and Greenway Plan is presented to marry Spring Hill’s vision and policies for transportation and parkland needs into specific recommendations and policies for bike lanes, greenways, and multi-use pedestrian trails.
The Bicycle and Greenway Plan, while produced as a stand-alone document, is consistent with the Master Parks and Recreation Plan, adopted in 2012, as well as the City’s Major Thoroughfare Plan Update, adopted in 2015. The Bicycle and Greenway Plan seeks to expand upon these planning documents by guiding the implementation of projects that increase bicycle and pedestrian options, while also providing a continuous and safe non-motorized system that ensures easy access to jobs, services, and commerce. View the Spring Hill Bicycle and Greenway Plan

Capital Improvement Plan

We are also working with our five-year Capital Improvement Plan to lay out a short-term plan to accomplish some of our needs and the funding for the projects. Our most current project is the development of the Port Royal Property into a park facility. Beyond this, we will begin to locate and purchase property for future park facilities based on our needs and findings from our Master Plan.