Buckner Lane Widening

Several years in the making, the Buckner Lane Widening Project is set to kick off construction in late 2023.

The entirety of the widening project encompasses Buckner Lane from Buckner Road to Duplex Road, as shown below:

Buckner Lane Slides_Page_04

The project is broken up into two phases, splitting the road into North and South Segments. The North Segment stretches from Buckner Road to 500 feet north of Wades Crossing, while the South Segment includes everything south of that toward Duplex Road.

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The project will include widening the existing two-lane road to five lanes — two in each direction with a middle turn lane. 

Several stoplights will also be included at strategic spots along the Buckner Lane corridor, to complement those already existing.

Buckner Lane Slides_Page_12

Throughout the course of this project, multiple road closures are expected to have impacts on the surrounding area. 

Each of the planned closures is detailed in the slideshow below:

Buckner Lane Slides_Page_20

As previously mentioned, construction is set to begin on the North Segment in 2023. On August 21, 2023, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BOMA) voted to approve the contract for the North Segment with Jones Bros. Contractors, LLC. 

Jones Bros. submitted a bid of $16,186,559.15 — and after city staff recommended a 10% contingency be added on top of that price — BOMA approved the final amount of $17,786,559.15. Funding for the construction will be expensed from the 18-75 Fund, utilizing bond proceeds.

For a brief overview of the project, see the timeline below:

Buckner Lane Slides_Page_16

You can check back on this webpage for periodic updates throughout the construction process.