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  1. Town Center Task Force Application

    Online application for Spring Hill residents to apply for the City of Spring Hill Town Center Task Force created by Mayor Rick Graham

  1. Volunteer Boards and Committees Application Form

Communications Department

  1. Media Request Form

    Please use this form when requesting the creation of graphics, photos or videos. This is for use by internal City of Spring Hill... More…

Emergency Communications

  1. Special Needs Emergency Contact Form

    Spring Hill Police Department · 199 Town Center Pkwy, Spring Hill, TN 37174 · 931-486-3269 (phone) · 931-486-3433 (fax)

  1. Storm Shelter Registration Form

    This form is for the registration of existing storm shelters and safe rooms. It is not an application for a rebate.

Human Resources

  1. Employment Application

    City of Spring Hill Employment Application

  1. Resume Submission

    Submit your resume


  1. Book Recommendations

    Requests for specific GENRES that a client likes to aid staff in making recommendations.

Parks & Recreation

  1. 2021 Spring Hill Farmers Market Booth Application & Guidelines: Farm, Prepared Food, and Artisan Items

    Submit your application by e-mail to or to If you prefer you may also mail... More…

  2. Final Friday Food Truck Frenzy Application & Guidelines

    Vendor Participant Guidelines and Application

  3. Parks and Recreation Commission Application

    Application to serve on the Parks and Recreation Commission

  1. Brilliant Strokes Registration Form

    Intergeneral arts program for teens and people over 55!

  2. Food Vendor Participation Application / Agreement

    Vendor Participant Guidelines and Application


  1. Compliment a Spring Hill Police Officer

    Use this form to give a compliment to one of Spring Hill Police Department's finest!

  2. Report Crime Tips

    A form for the public to report anonymous crime tips to Spring Hill Police Department.

  3. Traffic Complaint Form

    Form for the public to complete to alert Spring Hill Police Department of traffic issues

  1. Police Public Records Request Form

    The Tennessee Public Records Act (TPRA) grants Tennessee citizens the right to access open public records that exist at the time of the... More…

  2. Spring Hill Police Department Complaint Form

    Use this form to submit a complaint to the SHPD.

Public Input

  1. Proposed Major Thoroughfare Plan Comment Form

    Public comment form for the Spring Hill Major Thoroughfare Plan proposed projects

Public Works

  1. Adopt a Street Post Cleanup Data Form
  2. Brush Pick Up

    Getting brush removed in the City of Spring Hill, TN.

  3. Large Item Pick Up

    How to get larger items picked up by the city

  4. Report Litter

    Please use this form to report litter or debris that needs to be removed around the City. While you're at it, sign up to help out!

  1. Adopt-a-Street Application for Program Designation and Agreement
  2. Keep Spring Hill Clean Sign-up Form

    Use this form to sign up for #keepspringhillclean Litter Clean-up Days.

  3. Report A Pothole

    Please use this form to report dangerous potholes around the City. Do your best to describe the address, location, or nearest... More…