SHPL Art Activists

Stitching Us Together” Teen Quilt Project

The Spring Hill Public Library is excited to invite you to participate in our first ever teen art activism program: “Stitching Us Together” community quilting project.


In the headlines, we are hearing stories about #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo, disability rights, wage and housing equality and more. These are pressing issues in a time of uncertainty. In the midst of social distancing and pandemic guidelines, how do we come together? How do we peacefully participate in the changes we want to see in the world? Here’s how, we talk about it!

Your voice matters, your ideas matter.

What is Art Activism? 

We make sense of our world through stories and symbols that frame the information we receive and then act accordingly. Art Activism combines the power of symbolism to move us emotionally and the ability to share our own ideas and experiences to bring about social change.

Why Quilting? 

Quilting is a fun and creative way to use fabrics and sewing for design. Historically, quilting has been an activity that brought communities together to share time, resources, and skills to craft a beautiful and functional work of art. There are many types of quilts, including story quilts, ancestry quilts, block quilts, and appliques quilts. Quilts were used in times of war to send coded messages across enemy lines and to share routes of safe passage on the underground railroad. The beauty, symbolism, and craft are what make quilting a unique art form.

Why Quilt Now? 

Quilting is a fun and engaging activity to do while staying at home during this unusual time in history. We can process our thoughts and ideas about what is happening in the world, literally piecing fabric together creating pictures and symbols.

Let’s Do It!

Now it’s time to find your inner activist and express your ideas through the art form of applique (picture) quilting. First, you will pick one of six topics to focus on. Next, you will translate your opinion though pictures, words, or symbolism. You will cut the design out of fabric and glue down to a prepare quilting block. You will then return your completed block to the library. From there, your design will be embroidered and sewn into a quilt. The finished quilt will be displayed at the Spring Hill Public Library! 

Let's Get Started!

What is Social Justice?

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"Stitching Us Together" Project Release Form

"Stitching Us Together" Instruction Guide

Kit Materials: These can be picked up in the library or you can use your own

  • 10.5 x 10.5” fabric block 
  • Colorful scraps of fabric
  • Small bottle of glue
  • 10.5 x 10.5 paper design template
  • Paint, string, felt, buttons, markers, etc.

How to Write an Artist's Statement