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ONLINE New Water Application (Residential)

  1. The City of Spring Hill, Tennessee

    199 Town Center Parkway • Spring Hill, TN 37174 | 931-486-2252
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  3. New Water Service Application (Residential)
    Please use this form to apply for new water service online as an alternative to coming into City Hall.

    Please note: This application signs you up for water, sewer, trash and recycling (if available at your address) and storm water utility maintenance. There is a $50.00 non-refundable connection fee to set up a new water services account. This fee is for new customers only. If you are an existing customer, or have had service in the past and are moving back to our service area, the fee will be waived. Balances on previous accounts must be paid before a new account can be activated. Please call (931) 486-2252, ext. 0, 20 minutes after submitting your application, and advise them that you need to pay your $50.00 connection fee. We take Visa, Mastercard, or Discover in the form of a credit or debit card. (There is a 2% fee which in this case is an additional $1.00.) Advise them that you've already sent in your application. You can also drop off your payment at the City Hall Finance Dept. or in the drop box located directly in front of City Hall. Also, please upload a color copy (front side only) of your driver's license(s) at the bottom of this application (below the signature block) or scan and email it to This can also be done by taking a picture from your smartphone and emailing it to us.
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  5. Cross-Connection Survey
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  6. Irrigation*
  7. Hot tub*
  8. Pool
  9. Lawn Pond / Water Feature
  10. Fire Sprinklers
  11. Sump Pump in Crawl Space or Basement
  12. Please upload a color copy photo of the front side of your driver's license.
  13. I/We hereby apply to Spring Hill Water Department for water service in accordance with the terms and conditions appearing below and provided by the City, and I/we acknowledge having received and read same. If signed by someone other than the applicant, it is understood that party(s) signing shall be jointly and severally liable, as are customer and spouse, for any charges/expenses payable to Spring Hill Water Department. Driver's license numbers are needed for collection purposes only. Customer information will not be shared with unauthorized parties.

    I/We hereby acknowledge that failure to receive my bill does not waive the charges or exempt me from being disconnected. I grant permission for my telephone number(s) to be used for contact regarding past-due amounts. Past due accounts may be turned over to a collection agency and accounts turned over to collection will be assessed additional charges. Please call if the bill has not been received by the end of the first week of the month.
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