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Special Event Permit Application

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  2. Special Event Permit

    The Special Event Permit can be completed online and used to apply for events in locations where people gather. Some events may require a permit from other organizations, and regulation is based on the type of event, the setting, and the potential risk to the participants and the surrounding community. All text and information submitted in this form may be used to promote the event if open to the public.

  3. Does your event have an expressive message covered by the First Amendment that you wish to protect?*
  4. Please provide URL for the event website.

  5. Please provide a promotional description of the event. Include social media links, and any other information.

  6. Open to the public?*
  7. Enter estimated attendance per day. This information will be made available for public events.

  8. Enter the price or price range of cost to attend (eg., $25.00, $25-45.00, or free.) This information will be made available for public events.

  9. Enter the name of the event sponsor(s).

  10. Is this a recurring event?*
  11. Date and Time

    Please indicate below the time you will begin setting up temporary assets for the event; the start/end of the event; and the take-down of temporary assets.

  12. Enter date and time you will set up temporary assets.

  13. Enter time event begins.

  14. Enter date and time event ends.

  15. Enter date and time you will take down temporary assets.

  16. Applicant Contact Info

    Please provide primary contact information for your organization. If there is a different primary contact on the day of the event, please enter it below as well.

  17. Please provide the applicant's phone number (eg, xxx-xxx-xxxx).

  18. Please provide the applicant's email address (eg.,

  19. Type of organization*
  20. Additional person to be included in correspondence.

  21. Day of Contact information*

    Please provide information on the best person to contact on the day of the event.

    Same as applicant?

  22. Food & Vendors

  23. Will food or beverages be sold or given away?*
  24. Will alcohol be served at the event?*
  25. Will you provide potable water?*
  26. Facilities & Equipment

  27. Will the event have tents or canopies?*
  28. Will there be amplified sound?*
  29. Will you be using generators?*
  30. Will you be providing hand washing stations at your event?*
  31. Are you requesting water taps?*
  32. Will you be requesting electrical hookups?*
  33. Safety & Security

  34. Will you be providing private security?*
  35. Are you specifically requesting police resources for this event?*

    Please note that all special events are subject to review by Spring Hill Police. The size and scope of an event may require mandatory support from police resources, regardless of the sponsors' request. The event sponsor may also be required to pay for reimbursement of police resources used for the event.

  36. Will private medical be provided?*
  37. Will your event have propane/gas on site?*
  38. Traffic Control

  39. Will the event require roads to be closed (temporary, partial, or full)?*
  40. Will there be reserved or blocked parking?*
  41. City Services Requested

  42. If you answered "other", please describe.

  43. Location

  44. Provide a detailed description of the event location.

  45. Locate the event on a map

    Search for an address or click on the map to specify the location. If the event (eg., marathon, race) covers a large area, identify where most activities would occur, such as the start/finish area.

  46. You must supply a site map by attaching a graphic (PDF or JPEG) below. Please include any of the following that are applicable to your event:

    • the specific area in the park/plaza you wish to use
    • the name of streets, placement of barricades, and/or road closures
    • the areas where participants and vendors/merchants will park
    • tent, vendor, booth, and/or stage placement
    • the areas where alcoholic beverages will be served
    • the exact route where participants will walk or run
  47. Application Submission

  48. Please upload any additional documents relevant to your event permit application.

  49. Terms and Conditions/Hold Harmless Clause
    • I / we agree to abide by all ordinances and regulations of the City of Spring Hill and all conditions placed upon the event by the City Administrator and Board of Mayor and Aldermen.
    • I / we do swear or affirm that all of the information given in this application is true and complete.
    • I / we do hereby agree to assume the defense and indemnify and save harmless the City, its Aldermen, boards, commissions, officers, employees, and agents from all suits, actions, damages, or claims to which the City may be subjected of any kind or nature whatsoever resulting from, caused by, arising out of, or as a consequence of such event and the activities permitted in connection therewith, ad to submit a certificate of insurance prior to the event pursuant to City requirements.
    • I/we agree to provide a copy of this signed Special Event Permit application to any vendors, planners, and related parties for this event.
    • I/we understand that I/we assume the responsibility for the actions of any vendors, planners, and related parties for this event.
    • I/we understand that granting a Special Event Permit does not imply granting of another permit that is separately required.
    • The application for a Special Event Permit shall be filed not less than 90 days prior to the scheduled date of such event. Events shall not be advertised until a Special Event Permit has been obtained from the City. Failure to file in a timely manner may result in the denial of a Special Event Permit.
  50. By signing below, you accept the Terms and Conditions. Electronic signature shall be interpreted as original signature.

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