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Town Center Task Force Application

  1. Have you ever served in a publicly elected position or on an appointed board or committee for a governmental body? If so, please provide the position/office you held with relevant dates.
  2. Please list any civic organizations or nonprofits to which you have belonged, or other civic involvement, including position/office held and dates.
  3. Please summarize your educational background by listing any schools attended, degrees/diplomas achieved, or relevant certifications/training.
  4. What relevant special interests / skills / talents would you bring to the task force?
  5. Special awards or recognitions received
  6. Please state the reason(s) you would like to become a member of the Town Center Task Force.
  7. Are you employed with or associated with any organization that might be considered a potential conflict of interest in performing your duties if appointed?
  8. Voting*
    City policy directs that all appointed advisory board members do not vote on matters where a potential conflict of interest exists. Would you be willing to abstain from voting if such conflict arises?
  9. By signing below, I acknowledge that I am a resident of Spring Hill, over the age of 18 and all of the information provided within this application is true and accurate.
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