What CAN NOT be recycled?

Construction & Demolition Materials, Large Automotive Parts, Tires, White Goods, Appliances containing Freon, Medical Wastes, Hazardous Wastes (Automotive Fluids, Garden Chemicals, Paint Products, Cleaners, etc.), Electronics, Materials from Floods, Fires or Evictions, Glass, Plastic Bags (grocery bags, plastic bags that cereal comes in, garbage bags, etc.), Styrofoam, Hardcover Books, Photos, Tissue Paper, Hand Towels and Toilet Paper. No garbage of any kind, no plastic bags or other "tanglers" such as Christmas lights, cords, ropes.

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1. What CAN be recycled?
2. What CAN NOT be recycled?
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4. How do I get a PIN number?
5. How do I get a recycling cart?
6. If I want my recycling cart picked-up who do I call?
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