What CAN be recycled?

Chipboard & Boxboard, Paper Bags, Paperback & Phone Books, Catalogs & Magazines, Junk Mail (anything that tears), Newspapers, Cardboard, Cartonboard (such as cereal boxes and shoe boxes), Frozen Food Packages, Dairy & Juice Containers, Office and School Paper, Plastic Bottles and Containers (Recycle Codes 1 and 2 only - typically marked on the bottom of the container), Aluminum Cans, Tin Cans, Steel and Bi-Metal Cans, Lids from Jars, Bottle Tops from Coke, Milk.

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1. What CAN be recycled?
2. What CAN NOT be recycled?
3. Who owns the recycling cart?
4. How do I get a PIN number?
5. How do I get a recycling cart?
6. If I want my recycling cart picked-up who do I call?
7. What is my recycling collection day?