Virtual Summer Programs for the Week of July 6

LAST WEEK!  Record your reading time  and activities done on Beanstack!  Great prizes await you!  

Everyone that participates = cool book bag & book

Everyone that completes the challenges ...

0 - 5 years old = $15 gift card to AMuseum

6 yrs old - adult = $20 - $25 gift card to vendors like Andy’s, Soar Adventure, Viking Pizza, Juice Bar, and more!

Last day to enter your accomplishments: Saturday, July 11!!

Prize Redemption Days: Wednesday & Thursday, July 15 & 16

magic 2

Magic Minutes! 

This video teaches “The Static Straw”. In order to do the trick, you need a straw or a pencil.

Tuesday, July 7 at 10:00 am ONLY on Facebook Live!

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Connect via This Facebook Link  

TDEC Office of Energy Programs is partnering with The Science Guys to offer Live Stream science shows! All the same fun as the in-person shows, but from the comfort and safety of your own home! These shows will be based on our Energy Education show and include over a dozen awesome experiments, such as dry ice eruptions, bubbling potions, and explosions! All of our crowd favorites!  

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A Pirate Show, Matey!

Captain Tom Mason and Fiddlin’ Sage O’Silver teach Fawn Larson to be a pirate in this show for young buccaneers, created for summer reading programs. Nashville’s pirates teach lads and lasses the jobs on a ship, how to talk like a pirate, sing with krakens, protect the ocean, and dance a jig.


YouTube 101: The Series

Here is the whole series. Learn how to be a YouTuber.

The What 

The Shoot

The Edit 

The Channel 

The Audience

Write Your Story


Let an astronaut read for you!


Find the alphabet on Earth with the help of Google Earth and NASA.

gratitude journal

Gratitude Journal

Keeping a gratitude journal can take you as little as five minutes! Reflecting on your day and singling out the positive things allows you to cement those memories and the feelings associated with them in your mind. Thinking about how you could have made the day better puts you in the mindset of continuous improvement and helps make each day better than the one before.

Here a great guide to get you started.

More resources for you!

Thanks a Thousand

The gratitude diaries: how a year looking on the bright side can transform your life


tim hodgeDraw with a Professional Animator (& Spring Hill resident!) 

Cleaning Up a Drawing

Professional Animator Tim Hodge will show you how to make a final drawing on an iPad out of a sketch. See what program he recommends and how he does it.

Book Covers and Bindings


Now that we have illustrated the story, it is time to bind it all together in a book. There are so many ways to accomplish that. You can run on over to a local copy shop and have everything professionally copied and put in a binder or you can bind the book yourself. Here is a unique and crafty way to sew your book together.

A fun and simple way to make a beautiful book cover is to use fabric and glue. You can find all the instructions here.