Design Review Guidelines

Pursuant to the Design Review Commission's stated purpose "to develop general guidelines for the exterior appearance of nonresidential property, multiple family residential properties, and any entrance to a nonresidential development within the municipality", the Design Commission has adopted Design Review Guidelines for the City of Spring Hill.

From the Introduction of the Design Review Guidelines document:
These Design Guidelines present general design priorities that can be adapted to individual circumstances of site and building design. Not every case and circumstance can be anticipated, nor is the goal to prescribe the design of every development in Spring Hill. It is anticipated that property owners and developers will be able to build on these principles and create unique, livable, and viable projects that meet the community’s vision. Through the successful implementation of the Design Review process and guidelines, the City of Spring Hill intends to secure its unique character and authentic sense of place.

City of Spring Hill Design Review Guidelines - Adopted July 2013
Link: City of Spring Hill Design Review Guidelines (entirety)