Traffic School

Traffic Safety School

If a defendant has been cited for a moving violation (such as speeding, running a stop light or a stop sign, failing to obey traffic instructions, or following too closely) and if that defendant has had no prior moving violations in any jurisdiction within the past three years, then the usual case is that the Judge will consider them eligible for traffic safety school. There is a fee for the four-hour traffic safety school that is paid directly to the vendor of the school, and the defendant would also owe court costs to the City of Spring Hill. (Spring Hill does not currently offer an online traffic safety school option.) Defendants must appear in court so that the Judge can review their driving record and determine that they are eligible for traffic safety school.


The advantage of attending traffic safety school is that upon successful completion of the school, once you have provided proof of satisfactory completion to the court clerk, the moving violation will be dismissed and will not result in points being added to your driving record.

To find out more about the "points" system in Tennessee and how it impacts your driving record, visit the Department of Safety's website.

If the Judge offers you the option to attend traffic safety school, the court clerk will discuss with you how you can sign up for a class that is convenient to you.

However, if you are a commercial driver's license holder (Classes A through C of driver’s licenses in Tennessee) at the time you were cited with a moving violation, you should note that under federal law you are not eligible to attend traffic safety school.