Contact Municipal Court Staff

Contacting Municipal Court Staff

If you have a question about your Court appearance, please direct your question to the Deputy Court Clerk, Ms. Jennifer Mitchell, at (931) 486-2252, ext. 243 or to one of the other staff in the clerk’s office who are trained to assist you.

Contacting the Judge

Judicial ethical considerations preclude the Judge from having a conversation with any party to a pending case without the opposing party also being present at the time of the conversation (ex parte communications). For this reason,  the Judge will not be available to discuss any pending case with you by telephone unless both parties are present in a conference call.

Additionally, any emails that are sent to  the Judge regarding any pending case will be read in open court in their entirety when the matter is called for hearing, so that both parties are privy to any communication that either party has had with the Judge.

Parties are strongly urged to hold any matters they wish to discuss with the Judge, and hold any information that they wish to present to the Judge, until their matter is called for hearing in open court when the opposing party is present and can be a party to the communication.

However, if a party has an urgent matter that they believe requires a pre-hearing conference with the Judge prior to the scheduled court date, please contact Ms. Mitchell to request a conference call with the Judge so that a conference call can be scheduled and a representative of the opposing party can be included in the call. You should plan to disclose the nature and purpose of the call to Ms. Mitchell so that the Judge can determine if a conference call on the matter is necessary and advisable prior to your court appearance.