Your Citation

The Citation that you received from a law enforcement authority of the City of Spring Hill contains a unique identification number and puts you on notice of the date and time that you are to appear for Court for an alleged violation of law. If you call the clerk’s office with any question that you may have about your citation, please have the identification number handy so that the Court’s copy of your citation can be located in Court records.

Your signature at the bottom of the citation is your agreement that you have received notice of the citation and your court date, and that your failure to appear may subject you to penalty. Your signature on the citation is not an admission of guilt. However your refusal to sign the citation at the time you receive it will not absolve you of the requirement to appear and answer the charges cited.

What You Are Charged With

The citation should contain a reference to each violation of state or city law that you are alleged to have committed. The links below will allow you to view state laws, the municipal code and city ordinances.