Spring Hill Municipal Court

The Spring Hill Municipal Court strives to provide fair, neutral and professional judicial services for all litigants and attorneys appearing before the Court when enforcing the applicable laws of the State of Tennessee and the Code and Ordinances of the City of Spring Hill, and while respecting the provisions of the United States Constitution.

YOUR COURT DATE is shown on the bottom of your citation.  You are required to either appear before the Spring Hill Judge on the court date shown on your citation, OR pay your citation prior to your court date.  

PAYING YOUR CITATION BEFORE COURT cancels your court date, but it is an admission of guilt.  Any moving violations that you pay will be reported to the TN Dept. of Safety, and points will be added to your driving record. 

DRIVING SCHOOL - You may be eligible to attend driving school to keep a moving violation off your driving record.  IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THIS OPTION, DO NOT PAY YOUR CITATION BEFORE COURT.  You must attend court so that the Judge can determine your eligibility for driving school. 


NOT GUILTY - If you wish to plead not guilty - to contest your citation - you must do so in person on your court date.  The Judge will schedule your trial.

FAILURE TO APPEAR OR PAY - Failure to either pay your citation prior to court OR appear in court on your court date could result in the suspension of your driver's license. For information on payment plans or indigency forms please contact the court office.