Water Distribution System

It is the goal of this department to provide the best, uninterrupted service to our customers as efficiently as possible. 

Water Distribution System Functions

This department is responsible for providing water administrative services for the City of Spring Hill, such as...

  • Maintaining records
  • Reviewing and approving construction plans for future infrastructure
  • Ensuring improvements are installed to standards
  • Providing quality service to our customers
  • Enforcing the water/backflow prevention ordinances
  • Performing maintenance of the system, which contains more than 251 miles of water lines and more than 1,875 fire hydrants
  • Maintaining records and documents as to its operation for review by the State of Tennessee and the federal government

Water services provided are subject to the rules and regulations of the City, as approved by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, and under rules promulgated by the State of Tennessee.


As technology advances, the department utilizes these improvements to better serve our customers. The Orion Radio Read System now used for water meter reading is an example of improved technology. The Cross Connection program utilizes backflow prevention devices to ensure the integrity of the system.

Cross Connections

The goal of the City of Spring Hill is to supply safe water to each and every customer under all foreseeable circumstances. Each instance where water is used improperly so as to create the possibility of backflow due to cross connections threatens the health and safety of customers and chances of realizing this goal.

The possibility of backflow due to improper use of water within the customer’s premises is especially significant because such cross connections may easily result in the contamination of our water supply mains. Such situations may result in the public water system becoming a transmitter of diseased organisms, toxic materials, or other hazardous substances that may adversely affect large numbers of people.

Backflow Prevention

The only protection against such occurrences is the elimination of such cross connections or the isolation of such hazards from the water supply lines by properly installed approved backflow prevention assemblies.

Protect public water supply from the possibility of contamination or pollution by isolating within the customer’s internal distribution system(s) or the customer’s private water system(s) such contaminants or pollutants that could backflow into the public water system.

Promote the elimination or control of existing cross connections, actual or potential, between the customer’s in-plant potable water system(s) and non-potable water systems, plumbing fixtures, and industrial piping systems.

Provide for the maintenance of a continuing program of cross connection control that will systematically and effectively prevent the contamination or pollution of all potable water systems.

State of Tennessee Approved Water Specs