Court Information

  1. ADA - American's with Disabilities Act

    The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discriminating against any qualified individual with a disability.

  2. Appeal

    Any litigant who is dissatisfied with a judgment of a Municipal Court may appeal their case to Circuit Court under the provisions of T.C.A. 16-18-307 provided that such appeal is made within 10 days and the litigant pays a $250 bond to the City of Spring Hill.

  3. Contact Municipal Court Staff

    If you have a question about your Court appearance, please direct your question to the Deputy Court Clerk, Ms. Jennifer Mitchell, at (931) 486-2252, ext. 243 or to one of the other staff in the Clerk’s Office who are trained to assist you.

  4. FAQs

  5. Fines, Fees & Court Costs

    Access various fines, fees, and court costs.

  6. Helpful Contacts

    Find local, state, and county resources.

  7. Interpreters

    Review information about interpreters or bringing your own interpreter to court.

  8. Municipal Code & Ordinance Search

    View City municipal code and ordinances.

  9. Tennessee Code Annotated Lookup

  10. Traffic School

    If a defendant has been cited for a moving violation and has had no prior moving violations for the three years previous to the date of the citation that brings them to court, then the usual case is that the judge will consider them eligible for Traffic Safety School.

  11. Trials

    During the first two court dates of the month, the court will call only the "regular docket." At the third court date of the month a regular docket is called, and after that a trial docket is also called, at which all trials set for the month are heard.